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The Next Step

Published 11 months ago • 1 min read

Find a limiting belief that’s creating resistance, and see through it.

Find a missing action, and take it.

Find a conversation you’ve been avoiding, and have it.

Find a skill that’s weak enough that it’s holding you back, and practice it.

Find an assumption which isn’t happening, and drop it.

Find a feeling you’ve been avoiding feeling, and feel it.

Find something you’ve been trying to fix, and instead ask yourself what you want to create.

Find something you’re struggling with, and ask for help.

Find something you’ve been trying to figure out, and let yourself wonder instead.

Find something you’ve been ambivalent about, and make an imperfect choice.

Find something that’s draining you, and end it.

Find something that inspires you, and double down on it.

Find someone you love, and tell them.

Find something that’s trying to happen, and allow it.

Find someone who needs help, and help them.

Find someone who is trying to help you, and let them.

Pick just one of these, and do it now.

Michael McDonald
Transformational Coach
Leadership, Life Optimization, Intimacy and Enlightenment

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Michael McDonald, Transformational Coach

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