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Never leave the relationship

published11 months ago
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Enrollment without Selling

I just created a short (20min) audio on Enrollment without Selling as an intro to the enrollment section of the Coaching with Integrity school:

  • Good enrollment is coaching, not selling.
  • You’re not only unattached to a Yes, but you welcome the No.
  • You never leave the relationship.
  • You never ‘sell’.
  • And good enrollment includes both leadership and collaboration.

This distinction is a fundamental shift from what almost everyone teaches (where the ‘sales’ conversation is more of a negotiation rather than an exploration). You can listen to the audio here:

Michael McDonald, Transformational Coach

P.S. Want to bring your business to the next level through intimacy and impact instead of marketing and sales? Through loving service instead of people-pleasing or manipulating? The Coaching with Integrity 6-month coaching business school is currently enrolling.