Living Wisdom at The Center SF (Fri 6/30)

“Something awesome is trying to happen, and your job is to allow it.”

Inner Guidance
There’s an underlying intelligence behind life that is there to guide us. It doesn’t always make sense, and it is often difficult to see, and sometimes feels scary or disorienting, but it is wiser than our little personal self and can always be trusted.

In this workshop we’ll be exploring:

  • The reality-shifting power of insight
  • The nature of your inner guidance
  • What gets in the way of following it
  • How feelings guide you, once you understand where they’re coming from

When: Friday, June 30, 7-9pm

Where: The Center SF, 548 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA

Cost: $25 early-bird / $30 at the door

Living Wisdom is an inquiry into the nature of everything as the most practical way to engage life. This is a dynamic insight-oriented teaching, including meditation, facilitation and discussion. This work is an evolution of my explorations within coaching, leadership, life optimization, Three Principles, Process Work, energy healing, non-dual spirituality, the Work of Byron Katie, Relational Alchemy, and shamanism.

Michael McDonald
Transformational Coach: Leadership, Self-Mastery, Intimacy and Enlightenment

P.S. Also join me at the upcoming Reflections transformational retreat at Saratoga Springs July 6-9 where I'll be leading Radical Intimacy, Shadow Play, and Creating Being. Attending and facilitating at Reflections was one of my personal highlights last year, and we've got an epic journey coming together for this year!

Michael McDonald, Transformational Coach

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