Identity Alchemy workshop (Thu 7/27)

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Authentic Bay Area is sponsoring a special edition of my Identity Alchemy workshop at Heartlab in San Francisco next Thursday!

Let go of who you think you are.

Identity Alchemy is a powerful process of surrender, reflection, and choice, an opportunity to experience the freedom of being who you choose to be. This interactive and relational workshop uses connection and community as a foundation for seeing and being seen.

In this workshop we’ll be exploring:

  • Falling in love with each other and with ourselves.
  • Exploring and letting go of labels and identities.
  • Seeing and being seen.
  • Claiming who you wish to become, beginning now.

When: Thursday, July 27, 7-9pm

Where: Heartlab, 3095 21st St, San Francisco CA

Tickets: $25 - $45

“I was able to fundamentally alter my identity in the way I saw myself in your class, and am experiencing a sense of freedom to be who I choose to be.”

“Your Identity Alchemy workshop changed the way I see love.”

“One of the most memorable experiences I can recall on the Playa -- leading to a lot of heart opening and freedom in the body and being.”

“I met a couple on the plane home and they told me that your Identity Alchemy workshop was the most powerful thing they experienced their first year of burn, and they attend every year they go back!”

Michael McDonald
Transformational Coach: Leadership, Self-Mastery, Intimacy and Enlightenment

Michael McDonald, Transformational Coach

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