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For Coaches: Coaching Business Myths (Sat 3/5)

published7 months ago
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Coaching Business Myths

As professional coaches, we are surrounded by noise, distractions, and outright lies about how we can grow our business. For many, marketing and sales feel like a necessary evil, the dirty work you need to get through before you can sit down with someone and help them transform their life. This worldview ultimately leads to procrastination, exhaustion, feeling slimy, neediness, doubt, and even if it works it feels like the love has been sucked out of the work (because it has).

Behind all this struggle I’ve identified 6 popular myths:

  • You should follow a formula.
  • You should motivate yourself.
  • You should market yourself.
  • You should grow your audience.
  • You should find a balance between being nice and being pushy.
  • You should charge what your time is worth.

They sound convincing, right? Obvious, even? That’s why they’re popular!

Many of these really do apply in a lot of businesses, but not to the business of 1-on-1 coaching. Coaching is a profession that is based on intimacy and impact. Coaching is not a commodity, so your approach to the business of coaching should not treat it like one.

In this workshop we'll explore and expose each of these myths. We’ll find the grain of truth within each, what’s really going on, and what the alternative is that leads to a thriving coaching practice that really honors and serves your clients.

When: Saturday, March 5, 10am-12pm PT (Online/Zoom)

Cost: Free

About Michael McDonald:

Michael is a transformational coach for entrepreneurs and executives. He engages life as a gentle warrior-philosopher, devoted to bringing more consciousness, ease, and inspired action into the world. His clients range from CEOs, Fortune 100 executives, and serial entrepreneurs to lawyers, chefs, healers, and mentoring other coaches.

“Something awesome is trying to happen, and your job is to allow it.”

Michael McDonald, Integrity Coach

This is an event just for professional coaches. Click here if you're not a coach and I'll exclude you from future coach-specific offerings.